Case Study: Transforming a Sports Medicine Website with DaVinci Design Studios


In the digital age, a physician’s online presence is as crucial as their in-clinic expertise. With the right design, SEO strategies, and high-quality content, a website can become a powerful tool to attract and engage patients. At DaVinci Design Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering these results, and this case study of a Sports Medicine website for a single physician stands as a testament to our commitment.

The Challenge:

The website, representing a single sports medicine physician, started with modest online traction. With just 64 unique visits per day and 142 page visits per day, there was significant room for growth. The challenge was to amplify its online presence, engage visitors more effectively, and convert them into potential patients.

Our Approach:

  1. Keyword Research and Topical Authority: We began with comprehensive keyword research to understand what potential patients were searching for. This allowed us to develop a set of topics and add content that not only answered common queries but also established the website as an authoritative source in the field of sports medicine.
  2. Highlighting the Physician’s Achievements: Recognizing the importance of personal branding, we prominently showcased the physician’s achievements, board certifications, and his role as a national speaker. This not only built trust but also positioned him as a leading expert in his field.
  3. Social Media Integration: To ensure a cohesive online presence, we seamlessly integrated the website with the physician’s social media accounts. This provided visitors with a holistic view of his professional journey and allowed them to engage with him on multiple platforms.
  4. Holistic SEO and Content Strategy: Employing both on-page and off-page SEO, coupled with high-quality content optimization, our strategies were based on the principles outlined in our guide: 7 Essential Aspects of Website Design for Doctors, Physicians & Surgeons.

The Results:

In just 9 months, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable:

  • Unique Visits: A surge from 64 to 701 unique visits per day, a nearly 11-fold increase.
  • Page Visits: An impressive jump from 142 to 1,468 page visits per day, a nearly 10-fold increase.
  • Engagement: Time spent per visit increased by 50%, indicating more engaged and interested visitors.
  • Patient Outreach: Over 814 patients reached out via the online contact form, not to mention the countless others who made direct phone calls.
  • Google Business Listing Impact: The listing now boasts:
    • 200 profile interactions per month.
    • 80 telephone calls per month.
    • 50 requests for directions per month.
    • 70 website clicks per month.

These numbers from the Google Business listing are especially significant. They represent targeted, relevant traffic from prospective patients and referral sources, highlighting the website’s enhanced visibility and trustworthiness.


This case study underscores the potential of a well-optimized website in the medical field. With DaVinci Design Studios’ expertise, even a single physician’s website can experience exponential growth, driving patient engagement and fostering trust. If you’re looking to transform your online presence and achieve similar success, our team at DaVinci Design Studios is here to guide you every step of the way.

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